Seminar on the policy analysis results in Helsinki 11.3.2024

Erkki-Jussi Nylén, SYKE

As part of Inno4Tree project, NIFU, Syke and University of Helsinki researchers have conducted a comparative policy analysis on how wood construction policies have unfolded in Norway and Finland. The comparative analysis has focused on aspects of policy consistency, and vertical and horizontal policy coherence. In both countries promotion of wood construction has generated long-term policy interest and action, but it is safe to say actions have not been that strong. Thus, wood construction remained quite small scale within the building industry. Perhaps growing demands of climate action will favor use of wood in construction in the future.  

Senior research scientist Erkki-Jussi Nylén from Syke presented the results of the analysis in seminar series of the project called ‘DeCarbonHome’. This project has contemplated with climate-wise housing, especially via renovations, but now project has also turned more focus on wood construction as a mean to further climate-wise housing. DeCarbonHome is funded by Finnish Strategic Research Council, which seeks to fund research that provides concrete solutions to grand challenges.