New report on Providers of wood-related expertise

Inno4Tree has published a new report on Providers of wood-related expertise.

The authors are:

Samee Ullah and Knut Amund Skatvedt (Treteknisk),
Lina Ingeborgrud and Håkon Endresen Normann (NIFU)

This report provides an overview of the competency needs and development within the Norwegian construction and timber industries, with a specific focus on increased timber utilization to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Norway has committed to reducing emissions by 55 % from 1990 levels, and the construction sector, which accounts for a significant portion of emissions, holds substantial potential for reduction through, among other strategies, increased timber utilization. This necessitates innovation and competency development across multiple levels, including technical and digital proficiency as well as knowledge of sustainability and circular economy principles.
The report also elucidates the roles of three key actors in timber-related competency development in Norway: Fagskolen Innlandet, Fagskolen Agder, and the Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology. Their roles in addressing the industry’s competency needs are described, alongside the challenges they face, including the necessity for improved coordination and collaboration between various educational providers and the business sector. Furthermore, it is emphasized that the green transformation of the construction sector relies not only on technological innovations but also on human factors such as learning, knowledge sharing, and competency development.