Inno4Tree at the 15. IST Conference in Oslo

Last week, from the 17th to the 19th of June 2024, Inno4Tree presented results of the project at the 15th International Sustainability Transitions Conference in Oslo. With 500 participants this conference is the largest international conference on sustainability transitions worldwide.

Our project had three contributions:

  • Normann, HÃ¥kon Endresen; Nylen, Erkki-Jussi; Toppinen, Anne; Lukkarinen, Jani: Building on solid ground? Policy (in)coordination in Norwegian and Finnish wood construction policies.
  • Ingeborgrud, Lina; Toivanen, Riina; Lukkarinen, Jani: Transition intermediaries for wood-based construction in Norway and Finland.
  • Klitkou, Antje; Nore, Kristine: Digital Innovations in Wooden Construction for a Circular Economy.

Foto: Kristine Nore