New report on Providers of wood-related expertise

Inno4Tree has published a new report on Providers of wood-related expertise. The authors are: Samee Ullah and Knut Amund Skatvedt (Treteknisk),Lina Ingeborgrud and Håkon Endresen Normann (NIFU) This report provides an overview of the competency needs and development within the Norwegian construction and timber industries, with a specific focus on increased timber utilization to mitigate …


New article on board interlocks

Silje Marie Svartefoss and Antje Klitkou just published their article on interlocking of boards: Svartefoss, S. M., & Klitkou, A. (2024). The role of board interlocks in increasing the use of wood in Norwegian construction. Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition, 20(1), 8–22.